A vibrant student life for a vibrant community.

Student council

Student council organizes activites for students to bond, enjoy one another’s company and celebrate school spirit.

These include regular movie nights (complete with popcorn and beanbags), dances and special events.


The school gym is open before and after school for students to stretch their legs and participate in fun games, including Arctic sports, dodgeball, and others.

Extracurriculars offered include boxing and biathlon. Students in our biathlon program participated in 2016 Arctic World Games in Nuuk, Greenland.

Basketball is also offered, with our team participating in the 2017 Senior Cager tournament in Yellowknife.


Every other Saturday, students welcome the community to the Arctic Espresso Café, a student-run coffee shop which serves lattes, other hot and cold drinks, scrumptious baked goods and a savoury lunch. The atmosphere is cozy and the prices are affordable.

Students and staff volunteer their time to prepare and serve food to satisfied customers. All proceeds go to funding student activities and trips.